Saturday, April 2, 2011

More layouts from the past...

Just a picture of my niece with all three of our dogs. She spent the night with us and my babies (the 3 dogs) just kind of clung to her. It was pretty cute.

I did this one for a round robin. The pic is from my when my dh and I celebrated our anniversary in San Francisco. This is the view from Hwy 1. The drive was scary as all get out (mainly because we rented a camero and dh had a blast driving it around those sharp curves)... I had less fun gripping the door handle with all my might.

Here is a close up of the chippie in the upper right. To add some visual interest to the paper behind everything. I had just the paper cut into a circle. I then glued the lace around it and added a string of pearls to the top.  Now for the chippie. This was just a white chippie that I alcohol inked and then added distress stickles. I then wove tthe pearl/gem spray in behind it.

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